Fans are blooming

Fan-tastic wreaths

For the sports enthusiasts who love their sports, but might not root for a particular team. These are perfect for you! If you don’t see your sport here, don’t worry, just let me know! I will happily fix you up the perfect wreath for your sport. These are available for purchase! Just look for them in Shop til you drop 🙂

Team wreaths

Who’s your favorite sports team? Do you root for your high school, college, or professional team? Here in Kentucky our two main rival schools are the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky. Just let me know who you cheer for and you can have your own custom wreath. These are available for purchase! Just look for them in Shop til you drop 🙂

We got what you want

Want to customize for your sport or team but don’t know where to start? Well here you go! You can choose a letter, or letters, and have them painted the color of your choice. You can choose a sign for your university, just let me know who you’re looking for! Want ribbon to match? You got it! You can even choose the flowers and colors you want me to use, all you have to do is ask! Below are examples of the letters and signs I can get. I do not keep these on hand, the letters are usually easy to get, but the signs will have to be ordered and I can usually get them within a week. I’m only showing one letter and two schools, they are just examples. I can get any letter you need and a sign for just about any college or university you want. I can also get signs for your professional teams. Just ask for them!

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